Wolverine X4 4 Seater


Adding another 4 seater to the fleet of rental vehicles we knew it had to be the right choice. This machine is proven Yamaha reliability and with the success we have had with our wolverine R Spec’s we knew we couldn’t go wrong here.

The Wolverine X4 Special Edition is nicely equipped with rock sliders, full roof, bluetooth sound system, LED Light Bar, USB charging built in, full windshield, spare tire, first aid kit, tire repair kit with compressor, heat and defrost with a full enclosure (in winter months)  and a large cargo box for dry storage.

We love this new machine and know you will too. As accessories become available for this, you will see the addition of a spare tire as well. We want to make sure you are completely ready to conquer the trails in our area.

Enjoy this video and you will see why we chose the Yamaha Wolverine X4 to compliment our lineup:

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