Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 804 Mount Olive Road, Rock, WV 24747. Easy to get to from the interstate, and surrounding areas, GPS works well here.

Do you have somewhere to ride?

We are located near the Pocahontas traill system of Hatfield McCoy Trails. You can easily ride Pocahontas, Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek and Warrior trails all from our location

Do you offer hourly rates?

We do not. The Hatfield-McCoy trails are so vast, you really need more than a couple hours to appreciate them. We offer daily rates on ATV and SXS rentals.

How old do you have to be to operate a rental machine?

You must be 21 to operate any rental machine.

Do you deliver?

We offer limited delivery options at additional cost. Most of our guests come pick the machine up from our facility and ride right from there.

Do you have to trailer to get to the trails?

No, you can ride right from us to Pocahontas, Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek or the Warrior Trail systems.

Do you provide helmets?

We do provide helmets to anyone under 18 free of charge. Over 18 it is a 10 dollar per helmet rental fee.

What type of rental units do you offer?

We are a Destination Yamaha Facility, which means we offer Yamaha machines exclusively. Current model year, RMAX 1000 in 2 seat and 4 seat versions and the Kodiak with power steering for our ATV rentals.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, with all machine rentals, we require a $1000 dollar authorization on your credit card. When you bring the machine back in the same condition it left in, your deposit authorization will be lifted.

What is your cancellation policy?

Understand that when you make a reservation, you are taking a machine out of inventory for us to be able to rent it to others. This is why we do not offer refunds. We will reschedule you if something were to arise that would keep you from completing your rental experience.

What are self-guided tours?

The Yamaha Adventure Pro GPS System that we have in each of our SXS machines will guide you on trails to some of the most popular destinations (and back) in our area. This is exclusive to Yamaha, and our rental facility in the area.