Pocahontas & Indian Ridge Closures

As most of you know there have been big changes to Indian Ridge and Pocahontas, where you used to be able to just run across from Ashland and go up to trail 14 to take you to Wind Mill Gap Road (trail 15) that all changed last year. Well now you can’t even ride up the road to windmill gap. This is how they want you to get to Pocahontas from Indian Ridge now. 5.8 Miles on the asphalt. So if you think you are going the wrong way, here is a youtube video that shows the route you have to take. (yes this is perfectly legal to ride)

New Wolverine X2 is here!

The 2019 Wolverine X2 has arrived! Give us a call at 304-460-TOUR to reserve the all new X2 and be one of the first to ride it.

Upgraded in every way from the last wolverine, this is truly a nimble beast in the woods!


First Rental of the season…

These guys from Virginia came up to enjoy the Hatfield-McCoy Trails this weekend and rented 2 Wolverine Rspec’s, A Wolverine X4 and A Maverick Max to have a great day on the trails. The weather was still a little chilly, so we left the enclosure on the X4 and that customer really enjoyed the warmth of our heated enclosed cab!

Book your Rental Machines today, Side by sides here and ATV Rentals here. 

We will see you on the trail!

Cold Weather Rental?

Is the cold weather keeping you from riding? Come try our all new 2018 Yamaha Wolverine X4 with full enclosure and heat!

You will experience all the fun of the Hatfield McCoy Trail System while staying out of the cold, snow and rain. The brand new 850 Twin gives you all the power you need to get anywhere and back safely and in the comfort of a heated enclosure with defrost.

If you want to listen to your favorite playlist, our built in bluetooth stereo system will rock the trails as you ride along. Of course, you can turn the stereo off and enjoy the quietest riding 4 passenger SXS on the market, effortlessly talk to all of your passengers without having to yell.

We provide you with everything to hit the trail, maps, air compressor, plug kit, spare tire, full windshield, LED lighting, beadlock wheels with upgraded tires, full roof, enclosed cab, heat and defrost, a dry cargo box on the back for your jackets, change of clothes, shoes etc. We even provide helmets and Hatfield McCoy Trail passes, day passes or annual. Give us a call 304-460-TOUR or send us a message for more information.

Book right here: http://eagleatvtours.com/product/wolverine-x4/

Wolverine X4 4 Seater


Adding another 4 seater to the fleet of rental vehicles we knew it had to be the right choice. This machine is proven Yamaha reliability and with the success we have had with our wolverine R Spec’s we knew we couldn’t go wrong here.

The Wolverine X4 Special Edition is nicely equipped with rock sliders, full roof, bluetooth sound system, LED Light Bar, USB charging built in, full windshield, spare tire, first aid kit, tire repair kit with compressor, heat and defrost with a full enclosure (in winter months)  and a large cargo box for dry storage.

We love this new machine and know you will too. As accessories become available for this, you will see the addition of a spare tire as well. We want to make sure you are completely ready to conquer the trails in our area.

Enjoy this video and you will see why we chose the Yamaha Wolverine X4 to compliment our lineup:

Off-Road Trail Etiquette

Stay Safe on the Trail

Proper trail etiquette is essential to staying safe on the trails. A quick rundown of what we tell our riders every time we take a tour.

Kids riding Hatfield McCoy Trails
Always more fun with a riding buddy

Kids on the Trail

Any time it comes to kids on a trail. Whether they are coming towards you or riding in the same direction as you, give them a wide berth. If they are coming your way and you and the rest of your group can stop, then do so and pull as far over as possible. Remember we were all new riders at one point and rocks and ruts have a way of jumping out in front of young riders.

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